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Princesses holding hands
HUNTER BELLE_edited_edited.jpg
Ice Queen


At Princess Parties of NC we aspire to provide your event with a true magic. We were founded on the belief that anyone can be a princess and everyone has magic within them. We strive to provide authentic, live, and magical entertainment from the moment we arrive to the moment we are whisked back to our kingdoms.


Have you dreamed of making ice castles with the Snow Princess and Ice Queen? Have you wished to have the best day ever with Rapunzel? Or maybe sail the seas with the Island Voyager? Maybe you've always dreamed of riding across the plains of Scotland firing arrows into the sunset with the Scottish Princess? Whatever your hopes and dreams are, our princesses can help fulfill  the magical experience!


Do you dream of a stress free event full of joy, memories, and pure magic? At Princess Parties of NC our performers are eager to always provide all guests with fun, great photos, and memories that will last a lifetime! BOOK YOUR EVENT TODAY!

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